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Scent Profiles

Almond Coco - Kick back and relax at the beach with this sweet coconut scent. Mild and nutty with notes of almond extract, creamy coconut milk and sweet vanilla.

Almond CoCo Body Wash

Almond CoCo Body Butter

Almond CoCo Body Oil

Messenger Bag - A woodsy and amber men's type with an evocative musk and tonka bean base note. This fragrance is a classic masculine fresh scent.

Messenger Bag Body Wash

Messenger Bag Body Butter

Messenger Bag Body Oil

Black Tie & Bourbon - A clean and fresh masculine fragrance with notes of citrus, dark oak, bergamot, and a hint of bourbon.

Black Tie & Bourbon Body Wash

Black Tie & Bourbon Body Butter

Caramel Spice - Warm buttery streusel and toasted almond surround a spicy blend of pumpkin, caramel, and maple on a bed of vanilla bakery crust.

Caramel Spice Body Wash

Caramel Spice Body Butter

Mahogany Coconut - Our Mahogany Coconut is more than just straight coconut. The dark wood and subtle floral notes add a sophisticated character to this tropical favorite.

Mahogany Coconut Body Wash

Mahogany Coconut Body Butter

Mahogany Coconut Body Oil

Citrus n Cedar - Sparkling notes of citrusy orange burst through the base notes of intense cedarwood.

Citrus n Cedar Body Wash

Citrus n Cedar Body Butter

Citrus n Cedar Body Oil

Lavender Honey - Green notes accent the lavender accord that intertwines with fresh fern and wild honey in this blend. Warm sandalwood finishes the blend.

Lavender Honey Body Wash

Lavender Honey Body Butter

Saluti' - Crisp, effervescent notes of sparkling champagne take the spotlight, as nuances of sweet, succulent nectarine playfully tease and tantalize the senses with lip-smacking glee 

Saluti' Body Wash

Saluti' Body Butter

Rich Mahogany - The fine wood fragrances of mahogany and teakwood intertwine with hints of clean lavender and the rosy nuances of geranium. Resinous cedarwood and oak wood tonalities blend together to enhance and complete this fragrant accord.  

Rich Mahogany Body Wash

Rich Mahogany Body Butter

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